HCR 24 and SB 739 – Making the Trail a Texas State Park

Dated 1/12/19

We are excited to announce that the Northeast Texas Trail has two bills before the Texas Legislature working toward our efforts to complete the Trail and become a 130 mile long Texas State Park. Representative Gary Van Deaver has filed HCR 24 in the House and Senator Bryan Hughes has filed SB 739 in the Senate. We ask that you contact these legislators and pass along your thanks for their efforts on the behalf of the people of Texas. We also request that you contact your legislators and gain their support of the important bills.

TxDOT’s Texas Bicycle Tourism Trail Final Study

I wanted to pass along the exciting news that TxDOT’s Texas Bicycle Tourism Trail Final Study (BTTS) has been completed and published. The NETT has been recognized as a Cross State Spine and recommended as part of this plan.

Here is the link to that study:


 Under Documents for Download, click on Bicycle Tourism Trails Study: Final Report (PDF)

You can see the main report plus supporting documents.

 The NETT is referenced on Maps in Sections; Development of Example Network Routes pp. 29-46 Figures 11,12,16,& 18 and Bicycle Tourism Trails: Example Network,pp.46-53 figure 21

They have included Bikeway Design Guidance pp. 58-72,Bikeway estimates for construction of different bicycle infrastructure and annual cost of maintenance pp.72-77, Next Steps pp.77-79, and Conclusion 79

 As you can imagine, Earl and I are pretty excited about it and wanted to share the good news!

Jack Neal, Executive Director

Northeast Texas Trail Coalition