NETT Coalition How to Donate

Volunteer Opportunities on the NETT

Volunteering is the lifeblood of the NETT! The NETT Coalition welcomes volunteer efforts along the rail-banked corridors or through committee work.

The NETT Coalition Board has three committees open to members of the public. These committees currently meet quarterly, on the same day as the NETT Supporters Meeting.  If you have an interest in volunteering for one of these committees, please email the Committee Coordinator using the ‘Contact Us’ link on the homepage menu.


Marketing Committee:


Activities include development of the trail website, media relations, community presentations/advocacy, newsletters, and outreach programs.

  • Jill Drake, Marketing Co-coordinator 
  • Pat Cochran, Representative for Lamar County, Marketing Co-coordinator 


Long Range Planning:


This committee aims to achieve the corporate, financial, and administrative goals of NETT. This is achieved by reviewing growth policies and plans, maintaining the organization’s charitable status, responsibly making use of donations and gifts and adhering to the mission and vision of the NETT organization.

  • Earl Erickson, Representative for Greater Paris Development Foundation; Long Range Planning Co-coordinator
  • David Turner, Representative for City of New Boston, Long Range Planning Co-coordinator 


Design and Construction:


Create and maintain a consistently favorable design of the physical attributes of the trail features to project a unified and consistent image of the NETT. Areas of interest include NETT signage, segment wayfinding signage, and trail corridor design attributes.

  • Tyler Creamer, At-large Representative, Design and Construction Coordinator
  • Warren Casteel, Co-Chair Construction and Design Committee

If you volunteer by helping to clear trail, sponsor an event on a segment, fundraise or volunteer in any other capacity, WE NEED TO LOG YOUR HOURS! An accurate accounting of volunteer hours is essential for grant applications, community presentations and volunteer recognition purposes. Please provide your volunteer hours for each segment of the trail via email to the Rail Bank Agency Representative for that section listed here.