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Texas Legends LogoWe invite you to Greenville, Texas on September 14th, 15th & 16th 2018 for celebrating and honoring Jim and Rhonda Hoyt in their contribution to the bicycling community in Texas over the past 40 years. The Texas Legends of Cycling was formed on the 22nd anniversary of the Cotton Patch Challenge bicycling event in Greenville to honor Texans that have promoted bicycling in Texas and around the country. Proceeds from this annual event will benefit the Northeast Texas Trail.

Your options are to ride the G3 (Greenville Gravel Grinders) alone or enjoy the full weekend of events that includes the Cotton Patch Challenge Road Bike/Goptions.


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Jim and Rhonda Hoyt

 Often considered the face of cycling in the Lone Star State, Jim Hoyt, founder of Richardson Bike Mart, is known also as simply “Jim” orJom and Rhonda Hoyt“Jimmy,” but mostly as a true legend for all things bicycles in Texas.  With more than 250,000 pedaled miles (and counting, with many of those on a tandem with his wife Rhonda) under his cycling cap, Hoyt’s life has revolved around the bicycle industry for decades. A decorated veteran, he got his start as a bicycle rep for Schwinn, but turned into a bike shop owner when he purchased a bike store in 1980, known today at Richardson Bike Mart. In addition to owning the store, Hoyt has a strong commitment to supporting the bicycle industry — everything from charitable organizations to legislation and bike safety issues to bike races and rallies and bike racers and their teams. Hoyt has been recognized as a Trek Legend and the store is consistently named as a Top 10 dealer for a variety of bicycle brands. Along with Rhonda, Hoyt continues to find enjoyment on the bike. The two, along with their dogs, have recently set out to adventure the country by bicycle, visiting with family and friends along the way.

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When completed the Northeast Texas Trail (NETT) will be the longest Hike/Bike and Equestrian Trail in Texas and the 5th longest in the U.S.A. The NETT extends from Farmersville to New Boston, a total of 132 miles.  NETT Coalition is the product of the commitment and partnership among local and statewide trail advocates, and county, state and federal government agencies. Over the course of a two-year effort, the NETT Coalition mission has been “re-cycling” an invaluable rail banked corridor into pedestrian, bicycle, and equestrian trails for moving people through the picturesque countryside of Northeast Texas.

It traverses from Farmersville (East of Dallas in Collin County) through 19 rural towns and 7 counties to New Boston (West of Texarkana) linking population centers, community facilities, work places, neighborhoods, schools, recreation areas, open space and cultural/historical areas. The NETT Coalition is committed to organize the public and policy-makers to create a comprehensive system of trails, parks and protected natural areas as a vital component in the region’s economy and quality of life.

The infrastructure for the NETT was made possible by the creation of the 1983 Federal Law called the National Trail Acts and the Rail Banking process. Rail banking is when a railroad company voluntarily sells, donates, or leases unprofitable or unwanted rail lines and tracks to a qualified public or private entity (the Rail bank entity). Via this Law, land for construction of the NETT project is provided at no cost. However, much costly trail surface work will take years to transform this Texas project into a jewel cherished for decades.