Traveling on the Northeast Texas Trail Join Us on the NETT

I wanted to pass along the exciting news that TxDOT’s Texas Bicycle Tourism Trail Final Study (BTTS) has been completed and published. The NETT has been recognized as a Cross State Spine and recommended as part of this plan.

Here is the link to that study:


 Under Documents for Download, click on Bicycle Tourism Trails Study: Final Report (PDF)

You can see the main report plus supporting documents.

 The NETT is referenced on Maps in Sections; Development of Example Network Routes pp. 29-46 Figures 11,12,16,& 18 and Bicycle Tourism Trails: Example Network,pp.46-53 figure 21

They have included Bikeway Design Guidance pp. 58-72,Bikeway estimates for construction of different bicycle infrastructure and annual cost of maintenance pp.72-77, Next Steps pp.77-79, and Conclusion 79

 As you can imagine, Earl and I are pretty excited about it and wanted to share the good news!

Jack Neal, Executive Director

Northeast Texas Trail Coalition