Executive Director Job Description

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Job Description for the Executive Director of the Northeast Texas Trail Coalition

About the Position:

The Executive Director is a newly created position for the Northeast Texas Trail Coalition (NETT Coalition), a four year old organization. This position will work with the Board of Directors, volunteers, and partners to provide the leadership necessary to fulfill the mission of the NETT Coalition. This involves leading a diverse group of urban and rural volunteers and local political leaders dedicated to advancing the NETT, a 130 mile rail-banked trail in Northeast Texas that flows through seven counties and 19 communities.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Oversee day-to-day operations of NETT, including marketing, grant writing, fundraising, program development, event planning, promotion of trail and budgeting.
  • Serve as liaison between NETT and external stakeholders, developing and maintaining productive relationships with other nonprofit leaders, trail banked agencies and leaders in business and government in order to cultivate long-term strategic partnerships and donor relationships.
  • Collaborate with the Funding and Grants Committee to expand revenue-generating and fundraising activities to support existing program operations and staff. Identify potential new funders in order to have a balanced funding portfolio, including private and public funding sources.
  • Partner with the Governmental and Public Affairs Committee and the Funding and Grants Committee to encourage governmental support for the development and maintenance of the NETT, including the long term goal of adoption of the trail by the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife as a state linear park.
  • Solicit and encourage support from elected officials, Texas Department of Transportation, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and U.S. National Parks Service for the trail and its development.
  • Assist in preparation and research of Governmental Grant Applications and other grant opportunities for the trail development. Monitor awarded trail development grants to encourage compliance and completion.
  • Serve jointly with the chair of the board as spokesperson for the organization. Attend all board meetings and serve as ex-officio of board at all committee meetings. Work in partnership with the Board and the Nominating Committee to develop, recruit and maintain a strong Board of Directors.
  • Partner with the Treasurer, audit committee and the board in developing and applying sound financial practices and preparing an annual operating budget. Implement the financial policy and report the financial condition of NETT to the Board as required.
  • Collaborate with the board to develop and regularly review a strategic plan for NETT and monitor such plan at least annually.
  • Develop and keep current ideas and products that will promote the trail such as brochures, website and Facebook, a NETT app, pocket map with local amenities, and anything necessary to maximize the digital and printed footprints of the Trail.
  • Create an internal communication system for ease of communication with board and committee members, supporters, and the media.


1. Number One requirement is an interest in and love of trails.

2. Bachelor’s degree minimum in business administration, public administration, communications, natural resources or a related field or equivalent education and/or experience.

3. At least five years of professional experience in nonprofit or governmental management, administration and oversight, development and budgeting.

4. Necessary skills and abilities include:

   a. Multi-tasking in a busy environment, prioritizing tasks, and being flexible with a positive attitude.

b. Representing the NETT in a knowledgeable and professional manner.

c. Exercising a high degree of initiative, judgment, discretion and decision-making to achieve objectives.

d. Work independently and on a team.

Goals for Executive Director of the NETT Coalition in the first three years.

1. Coordinate and advance efforts to have the NETT adopted as a Texas State Park through Texas Parks and Wildlife.

This will lead to development and maintenance of the entire trail.

2. Identify funding sources and coordinate efforts to develop 30% of the undeveloped portions of the NETT per year.  

This will lead to more use of the trail.

3. Increase use of the NETT by 10% per year through promotion and events.

This will lead to more tourism and economic development.

4. Monitor new construction and maintenance of the NETT to encourage consistency and quality of construction.

This will minimize future maintenance of the trail.

5. Identify and secure future funding for this position and to support expansion of the programs of the trail.