Organization Rail Banked Agencies


Earl Erickson, Representative for Greater Paris Development Foundation

Vice President:

David Turner, Representative for Bowie County-Design/Construction


Kelly Whitley, At-Large Representative


Bob Mudie, City of Celeste/Hunt County

Cooper Pickle, Representative for City of Paris

Tyler Creamer, At-large Representative

Pat Cochran, Representative for Lamar County

Gary Tucek, Representative for City of Avery

David Turner, Representative for City of New Boston

Jimmy Don Nicholson, At-Large Representative

, At-Large-Design/Construction

Ann Rushing, Mayor of Clarksville, Representative for City of Clarksville

Phillip Rutherford, Mayor of Roxton, Representative for Chaparral Rails to Trails, Inc.

L.D. Williamson, Red River County Judge, Reprsentative for City of Annona

Mark Vincent, Representative for City of Farmersville